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Our Curriculum 

Fine/Gross Motor Skill Development:
Writing Skills 
Scissor Skills
Balancing, Running, Climbing, and Throwing Skills
Movement Skills through Music

Physical Education:
Structured games
Physical fitness
Rhythm activities/dance 

(to help students develop perceptual motor, locomotion/non-locomotion, and coordination skills along with general physical fitness)

Social/Emotional Development:
Learn About Themselves, Family and Friends
Learn Self-Help Skills
Conflict Resolution skills
Develop Appropriate Interaction with Peers
Social skills

Cognitive Development:
Continuing Colors and Shapes Recognition
Sorting and Patterning Skills
Number Writing Skills 
Learn School Readiness Skills 
Activity Centers in Math, Writing, Reading and Building
Sensory Tables with Multiple Textures
Explore Our On-Site Garden
Experience Real-Life through Cooking, and Baking Activities