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 Our Green Commitment

 At Le Petit Elephant Nursery and Preschool, we feel that it is important to teach children to value and respect the environment  and their own health from an early age. We are committed to being as safe, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible as possible. We provide non-toxic, wooden toys for our infants and preschool children to play with, offer organic snacks, use washable cloth napkins, use non-toxic solutions for cleaning and disinfecting,  and we always recycle. We believe that it is very important to teach and model for our children what it means to be healthy and environmentally responsible citizens. 

The Garden of Eatin'

At Le Petit Elephant, we love to be close to nature! We grow an organic garden, tended by the children with the help of their teachers. Children love to learn about gardening, and are always very excited to eat the fresh vegetables and fruits that they have grown themselves! The children's garden  is grown from organic seeds and starters, and we never use pesticides.  The children tend the garden, water the plants, learn about how to grow fruits and vegetables, and learn about the different pests and insects that live on the plants. The children are encouraged to try all of the food growing in the garden, and talk about what they see, taste, smell and feel. Even our infants and toddlers explore the garden to experience it with all of their senses!