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Daily Infant Schedule

(for infants over 12 months)

​7:30a-9:00a  Playground outside play time and drop offs

9:00a-9:30a   AM snack, circle time and diapering/toileting

9:30am-10:30am Academic activities, art/reading and indoor playtime

10:30a-12:00 Playground/outside play time

12:00p-12:30p Lunch and get ready for nap

12:30p-2:30p Nap/quiet rest time

2:30p-3:00p Wake from nap, diapering/toileting, prepare for snack

3:00p-3:30p  PM Snack, sunblock/hats, pack backpacks and get ready to go outside

3:30p-5:30p Playground/outside play time and pick ups