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Infant Nursery

It takes a village to raise a child. Let us be a part of your village!

The ages of birth through 24 months are some of the most important and precious years of your child's life. These are the years in which it is so very important to provide love and stimulation to your infant to help them grow into a confident, curious and happy child.

We love to cuddle and hold our babies! We are baby-wearing-friendly, so please feel free to send your child's soft structured carrier (Ergo, Boba, Tula, etc.) to the nursery. We play music, dance, read lots of books daily, and we let the children explore both our indoor and outdoor environments, providing many wonderful opportunities for sensory stimulation in your developing infant. We follow many aspects of the RIE caregiving principles, please click on the link to read more about our infant caregiving philosophy: Resources We highly recommend that LPE families follow the same philosophies at home to create continuity of care across all environments to ensure your child's success and happiness in our program. 

At Le Petit Elephant Nursery and Preschool, we provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment in which your child can explore and grow. Our infant rooms are cozy and comfy, and they feel like home. Infant play areas are filled with only high-quality, non-toxic wooden toys from brands such as PlanToys, Haba, Melissa & Doug, Under the Nile, Community Playthings, and Hape. We do not allow any plastic toys for mouthing in the infant playrooms. 

We fully support cloth diapering in our infant nursery! We at Le Petit Elephant Nursery and Preschool are also big advocates and supporters of breastfeeding, so please feel free to come and nurse your baby any and every time you want/can. We will provide you with a quiet and comfortable place to do so.


Le Petit Elephant Nursery is your infant's home away from home!