Welcome LPE Ladies! This page is where you can find all documents related employment at LPE.        For documents requiring a password, please refer to the New Hire email you received to locate      the password.

Step 1: Please read the following Covid-19 related documents carefully and sign at the bottom of each page. You can return these electronically or printed to the office.

* Classroom Sanitation Procedures

*Covid-19 related Policies and Procedures for LPE Staff

 Step 2: Please print out each document and submit to our office prior to your first day:

*Employment Application

​*Livescan Form  (for initial fingerprinting- take this form & ID with you to PhotoPro in Napa) 

*Livescan Transfer Form  (for Livescan transfer to LPE from another facility)

* W-4 

* I-9  (Help for the I9 in Spanish available here)

*California Mandated Reporter Training for Child Care. Please complete the training and either bring in a copy of your certificate or email a copy to Admin@LPEnapa.com prior to your first day of work at LPE.

​*  Criminal Record Statement

​*Child Abuse Reporting

​*  Health Screening

*  Teacher Qualifications Evaluation

* Direct Deposit Authorization Form

​* Staff Emergency Card

*  Staff T-Shirt Contract

​*  Employee iPad Agreement

​*  Cell Phone Policy Agreement

*  No Gossip Policy

*Employee Rights

*  Workers Compensation Information (read) and print/sign Acknowledgement

Workers Compensation Employee Physician Predesignation Form (Optional)

*  Personnel Policies Handbook 2020-2021 (password required- check your new hire email) Please read the entire Personnel Policies handbook! There’s a lot of information in there, so please be thorough. Once you have read it, please print pages 62 & 63 signature pages and return them with your paperwork. 

​*Read our 2019-2020 Parent Handbook carefully and sign/submit the  Acknowledgement  page. It’s very important that you know this Handbook well, as it outlines how we do everything and all childcare policies at our center.

Step 3: Please email to MissMilli@LPEnapa.com before your first day:

​* A short bio about yourself for our staff pageon the website written in 3rd person. It can be about 5-7 sentences about your educational background, your experience with childcare and your philosophy about children/teaching. Please email this to us as soon as possible. Our LPE parents really read this page! 

​​* Copy of your transcript showing any ECE units (unofficial is fine)

​* Your vaccination record for MMR, Flu and DTAP. These must be current, and a blood test should show that you are immune already if you wish to go that route. Flu Declination Form (optional)

* A nice picture of just yourself outdoors so we can include it in our newsletter to parents to introduce you.

*Please access our private staff page on Facebook "LPE Ladies!" and ask to join

Step 4: Bring on your first day:

​* Copy of your drivers license

​* Copy of your Social Security Card

* Copy of your CPR/First Aid certification card (if current)

We look forward to having you join the LPE team!

Other important information:

LPE's 401k Retirement Plan - Merrill Edge 

​Families First CoronaVirus Response Act Poster (posted March 31st) 

Welcome to the LPE Staff Portal! 

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