Welcome LPE Ladies! This page is where you can find all

documents related employment at LPE.       

Step 1: Please follow the link emailed to you from The Payroll Factory to complete all of your on-boarding paperwork, including all Covid safety protocols. 

 Step 2: Please print out each document and submit to our office prior to your first day:

 1. Employment Application

​ (2.  Livescan Form*  (for initial fingerprinting- take this form & ID with you to PhotoPro in Napa) 


 3.) Livescan Transfer Form*  (for Livescan transfer to LPE from another facility)

(*please note that our facility numbers are 283009161 and 283009162 for Livescan)

 4. California Mandated Reporter Training for Child Care. Please complete the training and either bring in a copy of your certificate or email a copy to MissMilli@LPEnapa.com prior to your first day of work at LPE.

​ 5. Criminal Record Statement

 6. Statement Acknowledging Requirement to Report Child Abuse

​ 7. Health Screening

 8.  Teacher Qualifications Evaluation

 9. Employee Rights

 10.  Workers Compensation Notice to Employees- Injuries Caused by Work and Fraud Notice (read)

 11. Workers Compensation Notification Pharmacy Benefit Network (read)

 12. Workers Compensation Employee Physician Pre-designation Form (Optional)

 ​13. Read our Parent Handbook carefully and sign/submit the Acknowledgement  page. It’s very important that you know this Handbook well, as it outlines how we do everything and all childcare policies at our center.

 14. If you need to earn units in Early Childhood Education or Child and Family studies, LPE will reimburse you for a B grade or better in your coursework. Here is the link for getting signed up for online courses: https://www.carecourses.com/bundle/parentbundle/3

Step 3: Please email to MissMilli@LPEnapa.com before your first day:

​ 13. A short biography about yourself for our staff pageon the website written in 3rd person. It can be about 5-7 sentences about your educational background, your experience with childcare and your philosophy about children/teaching. Please email this to us as soon as possible. Our LPE parents really read this page! 

​​ 14. Copy of your transcript showing any ECE units (unofficial is fine)

​ 15. Flu Declination Form (optional) AND your vaccination record for MMR, Flu and DTAP. These must be current.

 16. A nice picture of just yourself outdoors so we can include it in our newsletter to parents to introduce you.

 17. Please access our private staff page on Facebook "LPE Ladies!" and ask to join

Step 4: Bring on your first day:

​* Copy of your drivers license

​* Copy of your Social Security Card

* Copy of your CPR/First Aid certification card (if current)

We look forward to having you join the LPE team!

Other important information:

*Staff Handbook Policies 

LPE's 401k Retirement Plan - Merrill Edge 

Welcome to the LPE Staff Portal! 

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